Martín-Campos, Trinidad, et al. “MsViz: A Graphical Software Tool for In-Depth Manual Validation and Quantitation of Post-translational Modifications.” Journal of Proteome Research 16.8 (2017): 3092-3101.

About MsViz

What is MsViz ?

  • MsViz integrates MS1,MS2 information and identification results in one visual platform.
  • MsViz greatly facilitates manual validation and quantitation of PTMs on specific proteins => significant gains of time for the data analyst.
  • MsViz’s GUI is very intuitive and the tool is easy to learn and use
  • MSviZ is NOT for large scale work nor automated workflows !


Established proteomics software (MASCOT, MaxQuant, X!Tandem, Proteome Discoverer,...) can efficiently identify thousands of proteins and post-translational modifications (PTMs) from mass spectrometry data. However, when site(s) and abundance of PTM on individual proteins need to be determined confidently, such tools often show limitations (redundancy, ambiguity of PTM localization, inconsistent quantitation). Often manual validation is necessary. This requires recovery and display of multiple and complex parameters (PSMs, PTMs, XIC, for all samples, protein sequences).

That is why we need a tool to support manual inspection, validation and quantitation of PTMs.

How can I try it?

Public demo version

A public demo version of the MsViz is available at . This version is only ment to give you an impression about how the tool works. This version is fully functional, besides that you can not add or remove any searches.

For a local installation, please refer to Installation.